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Aggravated Robbery


Juan is an eighteen-year-old man who was at home playing video games with his friends when the police showed up and arrested him for a violent robbery. Juan consistently maintained his innocence. After some investigation, it became clear that the victim misidentified Juan. When the State was told it would have to prove its case at trial, the prosecutor chose to dismiss Juan's criminal case.


Tabitha was charged with Aggravated Robbery in Collin County after a shoplifting gone wrong. Along with another man, Tabitha had stolen about $80 worth of merchandise from a department store. As the pair got into his car to leave, a man (who turned out to be plain-clothes store security) attempted to pull Tabitha out of the car. The driver took off, causing the security officer to fall to the ground. This action turned their misdemeanor shoplifting case into a first-degree felony. The District Attorney initially offered Tabitha 15 years in prison. After attending multiple court dates where I had repeated meetings with the DA, Tabitha's felony case was reduced down to a misdemeanor theft and she was placed on probation. Her co-defendant was sentenced to five years in prison.

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent.